This hike takes you through the entire Karhunkierros hiking trail in all its beauty. You will experience all the spectacular views and enchant the beautiful scenery.


The duration is 4 nights (5 days) and the length is 82 kilometers. On this hike, we will hike the entire route from Hautajärvi to Ruka.

The night before the hike, we gather and spend the evening together at the premises of Ruva Holiday (Sallantie 203, Kuusamo). You can leave your car at the accommodation while hiking. Transportation from Ruka to the accommodation after the hike is included in the price. You can also request other transportation options in Kuusamo and Ruka regions.

During the evening, we go through the gear, pack the backpacks and go through the hike in more detail, without forgetting important safety instructions. In the morning we enjoy a nutritious breakfast, fill our hot water bottles with coffee and prepare for the day.

After breakfast, we have transportation to the starting point of the hike, Hautajärvi nature center, where we start our hike in Oulanka National Park.

Karhunkierros opastetut vaellukset

Preliminary Schedule

We start with breakfast and just after it we have transportation to Hautajärvi nature center. Day 1 we will hike about 13 kilometers to the Vasaoja camping place.

We will eat lunch on the Perttumakoski shelter. On our way, we will cross the Kouta River several times, e.g. along the suspension bridge. We hike along the banks of the Savinajoki and see Rupakivi, which is Finland's largest river gorge.

We also step off the route to see nearby attractions

We set up our camp near the Vasajoki camp area.

After breakfast, we set off to Merenoja, which is our camping place for next night. Da2 we will hike around 19 kilometers.

In the morning, we cross the Oulanka River with the suspension bridge, proceed through the ridge landscape, cross small streams and arrive at Taivalköngäs rapids, from where there is an enchanting view of the Oulanka River. We also cross the river along suspension bridges and continue to Runsulampi for a lunch break.

After the lunch break, we hike through the Oulanka camping area to the Oulanka nature center. After this, we will arrive at Kiutaköngäs, which is a breathtaking experience formed by rapids and waterfalls about 200 meters long.

The memories of the enchanting Kiutakönkäs cover the last kilometers of the day to the Merenoja, where we set our tents.

Day 3 we will hike about 17 kilometers and the destination is Ylikota camping place.

In the morning, we pack our backpacks and start hiking along the Oulanka River on the shoreline. We get to admire the stunning views of the slowly flowing Oulanka River and the river bank.

We pass Kulmakkopuro and hike along Kulmakkovaara hill to the Jussinkämppä, where we have a lunch break.

We will continue in the varying scenery to the Ylikota shelter. where we set our camp. The place is located on the shore of the Kitkajoki River right next to Pähkänänkallio. In the evening, we can admire the rugged Pähkänkäkallio and with the last hikes of the autumn summer we can take an evening trip to Pähkänänkallio after the end of the restriction period (on hikes after 15.8).

Day 4 we will hike about 18 kilometers. Our destination is the beautiful Porontimajoki hut and camping area.

First, we will hike along the Kitkajoki river, after which we walk a little further from the river. We arrive at Harrisuvanto and cross the river along the suspension bridge. We hike along the Kitkajoki and the Kitkajoki is visible almost all the time until we arrive at the lunch spot in Siilastupa near the Jyrävä falls.

After lunch, we will continue on an easy route alongside of the Jyrävä and Aallokkoski rapids. After that we will leave Oulanka National Park behind and we continue to Porontimajoki hut, where we camp and prepare for the last day, which is definitely the most demanding of the hiking day.

The last day of the hike is definitely the hardest due to the many climbs. Of course, every climb will reward you with amazing and enchanting views of the rugged nature of Kuusamo. The length of the day is approx. 16 kilometers and we end the hike in Ruka.

We start the day in easy-to-pass terrain. We rest at Iso-Kuikkalammi shelter before going up to Iso-Kumpuvaara and Konttainen.

At Konttainen we take a break again, admiring the rugged scenery on the rock cliff before we continue down to the Konttainen parking lot and start the heavy climb towards Valtavaara.

At Suolampi shelter, we take a lunch break and catch our breath before the last climb to Valtavaara. At the day hut at the top of Valtavaara, we admire the scenery and descend towards Ruka, ending the hike there.

At the end of the hike, we hold a debriefing session about the experiences of the hike before we end the hike.


Your guide on these hikes is Tommi Kallberg - Oulangan Taika Oy:n founder and experienced in hiking on artic area as well as on this route.


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