Winter 2023 - 2024

Enchanting nature with all snow-crown and diamond forests are waiting for you! Join us to enjoy all this beauty surrounding us!


Think about the snow-crown trees, shiny diamonds on the frozen forests on sunny day, flowing rivers surrounded by snow, northern lights and bright stars on the sky!

Join us to enjoy everything the winter can offer for you!

Our adventures are all-inclusive, so they include needed gear, winter overalls, snacks or meal including hot drinks as well as transfers. Of course, we have local guides to tell you about the northern nature and traditions.

All our adventures are tailored for your group and you so you can get most out of your visit!

Remember that we can organize also huskies, reindeer visits as well as the other winter activities with our co-operative partners.

Contact us to book your own adventure of your life!



We will take you to the most enchanting locations in the region based on your preferences. Think about walking within the snow crown trees surrounded by calm and peaceful nature? Do you prefer walking along the flowing river?

Our experiences can be customized from 1,5 hours up to overnight trips and sleeping under the stars or in the private wilderness hut. Prices start from 50 € per person.



Back-country skiing is one of the best options to enjoy the winter wonderland. This does not require any skiing skills prior thetrip.

Think about skiing in the new snow making our new trail. Or what about heading to fells and slowly going down the slopes within the candle spruce trees? What if we would take a day skiing trip to the wilderness sauna, having sauna and lunch before heading back?

Our experiences can be customized from 3 hours up to overnight trips and sleeping under the stars or in the private wilderness hut. Prices start from 90 € per person



Would you try to catch a fish in a traditional Finnish way? Our exciting experience takes place on our private location on a peaceful lake surrounded by beautiful nature.

You will learn how to catch a fish. We will also prepare the catch on the open fire as a taster for you.

There will be also hot drinks served.

This adventure takes 2 - 4 hours including the transfers. Prices start from 70 € per person



Join our traditional Finnish Sauna program and encourage yourself to dip in the cold water, which can be really addictive!

Learn also the traditions and history of sauna and why it is such an essential part of Finnish culture and lifestyle.

Our program takes 3-4 hours including the transfers. Snacks, meals and drinks are available as well. Prices start from 50 € per person.



Green, red and purple are coloring the sky when northern lights are at their best. The view is so magical and enchanting that everyone should experience it once in their lifetime. As a bonus, you will see also the bright stars like millions diamonds shining in the sky.

Join us for seeing the lights with snow shoeing, walking on the lake or just starting them in our dark and private location. The program duration is 2-4 hours including the transfer and hot drinks.

Prices start from 40 € per person.


Winter specials

If you want to experience something new and unique, have a look at our winter specials activities

Woolen sock hike - try Finnish style barefoot shoes (woolen socks) and hike 1-2 hours in nature and snow.

Sleeping under the stars - experience the arctic night with us - stars, northern lights and the peace of it. You can choose between the lean-to-shelter, tent, snow cave or just sleep under the stars.

Winter hikes - we also organize multi-day hikes with show shoes or back-country skies in different locations. We can stay overnight in the tents, lean-to-shelters or private wilderness huts.

Contact us and we will customize the experience of your life all-inclusive.


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