Oulanka River route from Kiutaköngäs Suvanto to Jäkälämutka has been mentioned the most enchanting canoeing route in Europe! You need to experience it to find it out

Route is 25 kilometer long and it is classified as easy route. This makes it comfortable for beginners and also for families. It takes about 6-7 hours to go through the full route.

There are multiple place to get of the canoe or kayak for taking a break. We also highly recommned taking to route over a night and setting up our tent during the tip. Especially, if you are going through the route with SUP-Board, this is a must do.

It is at least a once-in-a-lifetime experience to paddling down the slowly moving river, stay overnight and enjoy all the nature wonders and enchanting views throughout to trip.

You can go on this route as self-guided trip, but of course you can book also canoeing guide for your own trip!

We are co-operating with Kuusamon Eräkauppa. Our canoes, kayaks and SUP-boards are in Mataraniemi at Oulanka National Park. You just need to book your own day or overnight trip from our webshop. A day before your departure, you will receive instructions how to get the canoe you have booked as well as additional essential information for your trip.

You can choose the trip of your choice – canoe, kayak or SUP-board. Also you can check the route here


  • Canoe, kayak or SUP-board
  • Paddling vest: Canoe 2 pcs, kayak or SUP-board 1 pcs
  • Paddle: Canoe 2 pcs, kayak or SUP-board 1 pcs
  • Kayak cockpit cover
  • SUP-board includes, lease belt, carry-on backpack and pump
  • Drybag for personal items
  • Waterproof route map


  • Transportation from destination (Jäkälämutka or Nurmisaarenniemi) to starting point
  • Transporting the canoe / kayak / SUP-board from destination to starting point
  • Paddling guide with you on your tour
  • Delicious lunch package for a day trip
  • Camping gear for your overnight stay

You can book your own Oulanka River experience from our webshop. We have prepared few different options for you to choose the one that is most convienient for you.

If you wish to have a bit more challenging canoe experience on Oulanka river, we have an alternate route from Savilampi to Oulanka visitor center. This route is around 13 kilometers and has few rapids, so it is not suitable for beginners. We are also organizing private group trips on this route. These trips will includes also short hikes to quiet parts of Oulanka National Park. With this private group experiences you can combine both day hiking and canoeing.

Contact us also for other routes nearby Oulanka National Park.

Contact us with the form if you want more details about the additional routes or you want a private group experience. We will be respond you quickly for any of your inquiries.


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