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Oulankariver, Europe's most enchanting paddling route – you have to experience it for yourself! Also, ask about additional services such as rental of hiking equipment or guided tours.

Day package pricing:

  • €60 per SUP-Board

Overnight package pricing:

  • €80 per SUP-Board

Price includes:

  • Flexible departures according to your own schedule
  • A guide present at the starting point to provide instructions
  • Kayak, paddles, life vests, two dry bags, a map (lower part of Oulankariver) and safety instructions
  • Return transportation from the endpoint of the paddling trip (Jäkälämutka or Nurmisaarenniemi)


Tranquil Paddling Retreat: Oulankariver's Lower Course PADDLING Adventure

Set out on a serene 24 km paddle along the lower Oulankariver, where the gentle current supports a relaxing 6–8-hour journey suitable for the whole family. With the option of a convenient transfer to and from Mataranniemi for a separate charge, your day on the water is hassle-free and full of wonder.

Launching from Mataranniemi, you're immediately embraced by the river's effortless flow. Paddle strokes are sparingly needed, just enough to guide you along the best floating path. This enchanting section of the river winds through the heart of the stunning Oulanka National Park, where nature's grandeur unfolds around every bend.

The air resonates with the beautiful chorus of birds, while the riverbanks are adorned with the vibrant yellow of marsh marigolds and the towering elegance of spruce trees. The landscape is ever-changing, providing plenty of opportunities to take in the surrounding forest and the awakening of nature.

As you glide downstream, the proximity to water birds and the occasional reindeer on the banks is a testament to the river's harmony with wildlife. Your silent passage through this pristine environment feels like a dance with the shadows of the night, with each moment inviting a deeper connection between your mind and the natural world.

Consider a stop at the picturesque Nurmisaarenniemi, a spot known for its beautiful sandy beaches and tranquil setting. It's an ideal place to pause and immerse yourself in the serenity of the river, letting the stillness and beauty of the surroundings wash over you.

The river's calm after Nurmisaarenniemi is profound, the meanders becoming more pronounced, and as the bends grow sharper, the current slows to match the peaceful pace of your canoe. The water's surface often becomes mirror-like, offering stunning reflections that blend sky and river in a mesmerizing display.

This paddling journey is more than just a physical traverse; it's a passage through the heart of Finnish nature, a chance to quiet the mind and attune to the subtle rhythms of the wilderness. As you near the end of your adventure, each stroke through the water is a gentle reminder of life's simple pleasures and the profound peace that can be found in the embrace of the great outdoors.

The self-guided package includes the gear as well as life vests, paddles, dry bags, a route map, safety instructions and guide at the starting point. We always have a guide at the starting point to provide instructions, so you can set off safely with tips for the river. Flexible return transportation from the endpoint according to your schedule preferences is also included!

Pricing is

  • 60 € per SUP-board on day trip
  • 80 € per SUP-board on overnight trip

If you book two or more paddling equipment, you will receive a 10 percent discount on all prices. Also, ask for a special offer if you are setting out with your own group.


The uniqueness of the route on the Kitkajoki river is hard to describe without experiencing it firsthand. A good example is from last summer when our guest from Canada, Ken Whiting, a multiple world champion in whitewater kayaking, and his crew spent two days with us on the river in August 2023. The entire group was captivated by the uniqueness of the route. The Oulankariver found a special place in their hearts.

The group repeatedly mentioned that paddling on the Oulankariver felt like paddling on the pristine, wilderness rivers of Canada or Alaska, complete with ancient forests, sandy beaches, and riverbanks, and natural peace. The difference is that similar destinations in those regions are much harder to reach – they almost always require a long hike or a flight to the destination.

The group filmed material during their trip, which has been published on the PaddleTV YouTube channel in two parts. Additionally, an episode from their journey will be featured in this year's season of the Facing Waves series. We will add a link as soon as the episode is available to watch. In the meantime, you can watch the episodes on YouTube:

  • Episode 1 (River Kayak Camping in Lapland | A Paddle Tales Adventure in Finland 3)
  • Episode 2 (Kayak Camping in Lapland – Day 2 | A Paddle Tales Adventure in Finland 4)

The Oulankariver and its paddling routes are also unique due to their accessibility. The experience is easily attainable for everyone, including beginners and families. The two available routes, the shorter one to Nurmisaari and the longer one around Jäkälämutka, offer opportunities for different lengths of adventures. You can enjoy nature without the need for performance. It's also possible to start paddling from Nurmisaari, which is 16 kilometers to the endpoint at Jäkälämutka, or even to Huotinniemi. At Huotinniemi, you can stay in an old logging camp near the border zone. Contact us if you are interested in this option.

Each paddling route option allows you to enjoy beautiful sand banks, the peace of nature, and serene environments. On a beautiful day, taking a refreshing dip in the river is also an experience worth having. You'll likely also encounter reindeer along the route, enjoying the river's tranquility.

The river flows calmly throughout, making the paddling journey feel effortless. Even a long route is easily manageable, even with a child. Several well-maintained rest stops along the way provide great facilities for taking breaks. Likewise, countless sandy beaches, sandbanks, and dunes are perfect spots to rest.

We also offer packed lunches or prepared meals in thermoses if desired. Of course, you can also rent all the camping equipment you need, from stoves and tents to a rentable tent sauna.


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