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Kitkariver is a stunning and diverse paddling destination. The upper part of the river is well-suited for canoeing and kayaking. Our packages are priced for a shorter route, but if you're interested in embarking on a longer journey from Lake Kitkajärvi, please contact us so we can customize a package for you.


  • Canoe: €110
  • Kayak, SUP board, or packraft: €60 each

Price includes:

  • Transportation from Käylä to the starting point near Kiveskoski.
  • A guide present at the start to provide instructions.
  • Canoe/kayak, paddles, life vests, two dry bags, a map of Kitkariver, and safety instructions.
  • Departures and paddling duration according to your own schedule.

This comprehensive package ensures that you have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable journey on the Kitkajoki, whether you're looking for a quick trip or a more extensive exploration of the river's natural beauty.

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Kitkariver - canoeing, kayaking and SUP-BOARDING

The Kitkariver is a versatile destination offering various experiences. The paddling route, suitable for canoes and kayaks, starts near Kiveskoski on Lake Kitkajärvi and ends in Käylä. Along the way, there are a few rapid sections, the most thrilling being the Class I rapid – Kiveskoski, which is right at the beginning of the route.

From there, the route crosses over Lake Keltinki and passes through a picturesque path dotted with islands towards Käylä. The route is a minimum of about 8-9 kilometers long.

If desired, the route can be started from various points on Lake Kitkajärvi, even from Posio, making the paddling trip extendable to several days.

Our basic package starts from Käylä, where we transport you and the paddling equipment to the starting point. The route ends back in Käylä at your own pace.

The package includes not only the paddling equipment but also life vests, paddles, dry bags, a route map, safety instructions, and guidance at the starting point. We always have a guide at the starting point to ensure you can start your adventure safely with helpful paddling tips. Transportation to the starting point is arranged according to your preferences.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Canoe: €110
  • Kayak, SUP board, or packraft: €60 each

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