Hiking guide for the first day (overnight)


Learn the basics of hiking with the hiking guide on first day! Hiking, preparing hiking meals, camping and packing up the campcamp the next day! In addition, you will learn how to pack and adjust your backpack.


The hiking guide for the first day is a crash-course to for hiking and camping. This includes

  • Guidance for the first day hike
  • Learning hiking skills during the day (breaks, meals)
  • Lunch prepared together
  • How to choose the place for your tent
  • Putting up tent
  • How to fill in your sleeping mat
  • How to use your cooking system (gas burner)
  • How to pack your camp and gears
  • How to adjust our gear

In addition to this, we response to any of your questions so that you can be confident for continuing your hike on the next day. Guide will leave on the day 2 when the gears are packed in the backpack and you are ready to continue.

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