Oulangan Taika vaellukset retket


We offer you the hiking gear for both our guided and self-guided hikes. You can also rent hiking gear as complete package. If you are looking only a specific gear like tent, please contact us to check availability.

This blog post describes the gear we have included in our package.he equipment is of high quality and hiking with them is comfortable and effortless. Our offering only includes the gear that we ourselves trust on our hikes.


Our hiking gear package contains following products. If you are looking into specific gear, please contact us to check availability. Note that we have additional hiking gear available as well.

Backpack: Fjällräven Kajka

A good backpack on a hike is absolutely essential. We use Fjällräven Kajka backpacks, which have won several tests. I always have my Kajka with me on my longer hikes, from one-night hikes to two-week hikes.

Kajka is a sturdy and easily adjustable carrying device. We use different sizes of Kajka backpacks: Kajka 85 L and Kajka 75 L W.

Read more about Kajka backpacks on the Fjällräven website


In the tents, we appreciate lightness, easy assembly, adaptability to most conditions (excluding open hills in winter) and good spaces in the apse. The tent also acts as protection in emergency situations, so it is important that you can trust it and that you can set it up quickly in any weather.

Our tents are Fjällräven Abisko Shape 2 and 3 tents. We have stayed in these tents ourselves in the windy regions of Northern Canada, in Greenland, as well as in winds of more than 20 meters in the Norwegian fell highlands.

Read more about our tents on Fjällräven website

With the tent, we also always deliver a cover for the apse. With it, the items stored in the tent's vestibule are protected from moisture and, especially when staying in wet/sandy conditions, the tent stays cleaner. The cover we is emergency thermal blanket which will also provide many types of protection. It can also be used in an emergency to preserve body heat. We use Halt's light and durable emergency blankets that fit in a small space.

SLEEPING BAG: Fjällräven Singi Three Seasons

The main function of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm and help you relax and recover during hikes. That's why sleeping bags play an important role when hiking, but also as a survival tool in emergency situations.

Singi Three Seasons is a three-season down sleeping bag with a comfort temperature of -2 C for women and -8 C for men. We use both Regular (max. user height 180 cm) and Long (max. user height 195 cm) model bags.

Read more about our sleeping bags on the Fjällräven website

With the sleeping bag we always deliver a Cocoon Mummyliner sleeping bag sheet. Using a sleeping bag sheet makes using a sleeping bag more hygienic, sleeping more pleasant, and it also provides additional thermal insulation, depending on the material. We offer microfiber, silk and merino wool sleeping bag sheets.

Sleeping MAT: Exped Ultra 3R

The important function of the sleeping mat is to insulate the sleeper from the ground and protect him from the coldness of the ground during the night. The comfort of sleeping is also essential for rest. That's why we use Exped 7 centimeter-thick air-filled sleeping mats, which you can use even in cool weather.

The sleeping mats are light and packs into a small space. Filling is done with a pump bag. Air MUST NOT be blown into the sleeping mats, since the moisture in your breath weakens the insulation.

Insulation is measured with R-values, and the R-value of our sleeping mats is 2.9, which means a temperature of -5 C as the limit value.

We use comfortable, wide models; MW, LW and two-person Duo LW sleeping mats. With the Duo LW, the bottom of the two-person tent is completely covered with a sleeping mat.

You can read more about sleeping mats on Exped website

With the sleeping mat, you also always get a light sleeping mat to be placed underneath to bring additional insulation and protect the air-filled sleeping pad from sharp stones, branches, etc. You can use this mat during the day as a sitting pad before camping or before going to bed. We use the Kaira Extreme mats, which is an excellent camping aid.


As a cooking system, we use Jetboil Flash 2.0 for basic hikes, which is a light system that fits into a small space. The gas burner is efficient and boils 0.5 liters of water in just over 1.5 minutes. The package includes also a liter pot, which you can use to boil water or heat soups. The kettle is ideal for the needs of 1-2 people

Our hiking food on our guided hikes (and our ready-made meal packages) are industrial freeze-dried hiking food or local food from Lapland based on your preference. The food is practically prepared by adding boiling water to the meal bag and letting the meal simmer. Thus, boiling water is sufficient.

You can read more about the kettle on Jetboil website

In addition to the cooking system, we also provide you with the necessary amount of Jetboil gas for hiking (guided hikes and self-guided hikes). If you want to rent equipment from us for your own trips, you can order the necessary amount of gas at the same time. By calculation, gas is needed in the summer and autumn seasons around 100 g/day/person.

If you wish, you can also ask for a bigger pot, frying pan and other cooking utensils for rent, if you are planning to prepare more versatile food for the trip.


In addition to the Jetboil burner and pot, you will also get other equipment for eating and drinking from us.

Light My Fire Lunch Kit BIO (6-piece) includes a cover that can be used as a plate (500 ml), a deep plate (900 ml), two lunch boxes (170 ml and 320 ml) and a Spork Orignal cutlery.

The Primus food thermos makes cooking on a trip easier. For example, you can put lunch in the thermos in the morning to prepare- When we take a lunch break, you have warm food ready in the thermos.

Nalgene water bottle (1 L). Nalgene drinking bottles can withstand boiling water, so you can pour water into the bottle straight from the kettle. You can enjoy a bottle of tea or make a hot water bottle for the night in your sleeping bag. Of course, you can also enjoy fresh water from a bottle.

The water container 2 L is intended for transporting a day's drinking water in a backpack. If we are hiking in an area where clean drinking water is not available during the day, you can boil the day's water in a container in the camp. When hiking, it is good to have enough water with you, so you should always keep water in your water bottle.

You can also order a food package with snacks from us for the hike. If agreed, food is included in the price of the hike. We are happy to offer you meal package to take with you. We use industrially prepared food, from which there are always meat, fish and vegetable options. In addition, we also offer excellent meals based on local food from local producers, which also have meat and vegetable options.

The one-day food package includes morning porridge, 2 bags of hiking food (lunch and dinner) and a snack. You should also book your own energy sources for the trip, but more information about them is provided for each hike and in the comprehensive advance package that you get from us.

OTHER GEAR included in the package

In addition, the package includes the following equipment
Hiking sticks, which are absolutely good aids for longer hikes
Dry bags (6 pcs) for packing and organizing your personal items in a backpack. This way, your own items stays dry during the hike.
Washing equipment: Dish brush, washing-up liquid and dish cloth, which you can also use to dry the tent.
Travel towel – a microfiber towel that packs into a small space and dries quickly
Inflatable travel pillow to make sleeping more comfortable
A small first aid kit containing basic first aid needs

We update the contents of our hiking gear package as needed, but the package is kept suitable for each hike without extra items, which we know from our own experience get home unused.