Ruka – Valtavaara – Konttainen


Experience all of Oulanga National Park’s greatest views of the surrounding nature of the Northeast from the top of both Valtavaara and Konttainen!


Ruka – Valtavaara – Konttainen is about 9 kilometers long, a challenging route due to differences in height and difficult terrain in some places.

The duration of the trip is about 5 hours, including transportation back to Ruka. See detailed route description below

Price includes:
– Guide on the hike
– Transportation from Ruka to and from the route
– Picnic lunch and coffee during the trip
– Finnish National Parks visitor fees

You should bring:
– Appropriate clothing
– Good and used hiking shoes
– Water bottle and drinking water
– Camera or phone to store the memories during the hike

We can provide you the day backpack and the bottle for drinking water

Route description
We start the route from Itä-Ruka, from the Saarua parking lot. At the beginning of the route, we hike up towards Valtavaara. On the way, we walk along paths and stairs in the middle of untouched primeval forest. At the beginning of the route, we see our first destination, the peak of Valtavaara, where there is still plenty to climb.

The first resting place on our way up is the rest stop at Valtavaaralammi, where we gather our strength for a moment before the last ascent to Valtavaara. From the top of the thill, we can admire stunning landscapes. At the top of Valtavaara, we enjoy hot drinks and a small snack before we head towards Konttaneni, which we can see in front of us.

From the day hut in Valtavaara peak, we hike along the Valtavaara, descending steep paths and stairs towards Konttainen. At Suolampi shelter, we take a short break before the last descent to Virkkulantie and the Konttainen parking lot.

From the parking lot, we climb to the top of Konttainen to admire the magnificent scenery offered by the open rock. The climb to the top is steep, but fortunately short, and the views from the top reward the effort!

After admiring the scenery, we descend back to the parking lot, from where we are transported back to Ruka.

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