Riisin rietas -Riisitunturi route


Longest day route in Riisitunturi goes through hilltops, slopes and forests, repeatedly delighting with its diverse landscapes. Be enchanted by the landscape of the Lapland fells with us


Riisin rietas -route is the longest route in Riisitunturi which starts and ends from the same location. The route is approx. 11 kilometers long and classified as medium/difficult. See route description below

The duration of the trip is 6-7 hours including the transportation.

Price includes:
– Guide on the hike
– Transportation from Ruka to and from the route
– Picnic lunch and coffee during the trip
– Finnish National Parks visitor fees

You should bring:
– Appropriate clothing
– Good and used hiking shoes
– Water bottle and drinking water
– Camera or phone to store the memories during the hike

We can provide you the day backpack and the bottle for drinking water

Route description
The route goes through fell peaks, slopes and forests. We first hike up to Riisitunturi, where we take our first break and admire the view from the top of the fell to the fell, lake and forest landscape.

From the top of the hill we descend towards Uusilampi and Uusisuo, which we cross along the duckboards. After the swamp, we follow the Riisisuo and walk along the slope of Nuolivaara. Before crossing Riisisuo, we see, an old sacrifice place.

We cross the Riisisuo along the duckboard and see, among other things, an old meadow barn that stands alone in the swamp.

From the swamp, we ascend towards Soilu shelter, where we prepare hot drinks on the open fire and eat our picnic lunch.

After the break, we climb to the top of Riisitunturi and visit the elongated Ikkunalampi. From Ikkunalampi, we continue towards the parking lot and return to Ruka.

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