Pähkänänkallio (available only in mid August – October)


The river meanders below, and in its inner bends, flood meadows are ravishing in the afternoon sun. The river has straightened through the flooded meadow, and the rugged meadow island makes the landscape easily recognizable. There it is. The world’s most beautiful Finnish landscape. It opens from Pähkänänkallio, Kuusamo.


Pähkanänkallio is a conservation area of Oulanga National Park, so it is forbidden to hike in the area from April 1st to August 15th. The area has been restricted due to peregrine falcon nesting.

Length of the route is approx. 4 kilometers, but due to the differences in height, the route is demanding, even though the terrain is otherwise easy to walk. See route description below

Price includes:
– Guide on the hike
– Transportation from Ruka to and from the route
– Picnic lunch and coffee during the trip
– Finnish National Parks visitor fees

You should bring:
– Appropriate clothing
– Good and used hiking shoes
– Water bottle and drinking water
– Camera or phone to store the memories during the hike

We can provide you the day backpack and the bottle for drinking water

Route description
Pähkanänkallio offers perhaps the most photographed landscapes of Oulanka National Park.

We leave the parking lot at the end of Päähkänänkalliontie and dive straight into the forest of the national park area. After walking a kilometer, we are already at Pähkänänkallio, from where we can admire the scenery of Oulanka River in its all beauty. The eye rests while looking at the slowly flowing Oulanka River. Later in the autumn, it is great spot for viewing the autumn colors in full scale, but the view that opens up from the top is always incredibly enchanting sight.

From the cliff, we go down to the shelter next to the river, where we make hot drinks on open fire before returning back to the parking lot.

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