Pahakurun kierros – Salla National Park route


The Pahakurun kierros -route goes through almost all of the best spots in Salla National Park. The hiker can enjoy the old forests, old pine trees, moss-covered old spruce forests. There are several streams, marshes and ponds along the route. Also you will have fell landscapes in many directions in many spots during the route


The Pahakuru circuit route is approximately 18 kilometers long and is moderately difficult.

The duration of this day hike is around  7-9 hours. We start from Salla Ski Resort (Revontulentie 7, Salla), but it is also possible to include transport from Ruka to the starting point. The duration of the transport is one hour / direction. See more detailed route description below

Price includes:
– Guide on the hike
– Picnic lunch and coffee during the trip
– Finnish National Parks visitor fees

You should bring:
– Appropriate clothing
– Good and used hiking shoes
– Water bottle and drinking water
– Camera or phone to store the memories during the hike

We can provide you the day backpack and the bottle for drinking water

Route description
The Pahakuru hiking route presents almost all of the finest sites in the Salla national park. Along the route, we can admire, among other things, old forests, grey pines and moss-covered spruces.

There are several streams, marshes and ponds along the route as well as fell landscapes. The northern Sallatunturi, the highest point of the national park, can be seen from several different directions, and the Russian side’s large hills are also visible in the landscape.

The route is crowned by the Pahakuru shelter and its old pine trees, the rocky gorge and the slopes of Aatsingihauta hill, which peek out from the trees.

The route gives the feeling of a real wilderness, which you can enjoy with us. We take breaks on the way as needed, but we eat our picnic lunch at the Pahakuru. Pahakuru is the steepest gorge in the whole park and the really is an impressive place.

At the end of the route, we take a short stop at Tunturilampi shelter, which opens up very photogenic landscapes of the fell terrain.

Please note that we also do a two-night hike to Salla National Park, which combines the routes of Aihkipetsi, Ruuhitunturi and Pahakuru into one hike. If you are interested in this hike, please contact us via the contact form.

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