Keroharjun kuiskaus – Whisper of Keroharju route (overnight)


The rugged, beautiful, narrow Keroharju cuts through a large swamp area in the easternmost part of the Oulanka National park. On this wilderness route, the traveler follows the tracks of the ice age and also stumbles upon human history. How did the crown mark the biggest pine trees at the beginning of the 20th century? Why was a wilderness hut with saunas built on Keroharju in the past?

We can think about these questions when staying overnight and having a sauna in the middle of the wilderness trail


Keroharju kuiskaus is a 17-kilometer long route. The route is classified as medium difficulty. We take the route from the direction of Salla towards Kuusamo.

This hike is an overnight hike, which basically means 1,5 days – starting at 8 AM on the morning from Ruka and ending on next day around 2 PM.

See route description below

Price includes:
– Guide on the hike
– Transportation from Posio center to and from the route
– Hiking gear (as described in our blog post)
– Lunch, dinner, next day breakfast and lunch
– Finnish National Parks visitor fees

You should bring:
– Appropriate clothing
– Good and used hiking shoes
– Personal items – list will be provided with the preparation package
– Camera or phone to store the memories during the hike

Route description
The route runs in the northeastern part of Oulanka National Park and it is significantly calmer than other routes in Oulanka National Park.

At the beginning of the route, we cross Niihtelysjoki by rowing a cable boat. After crossing the river, we travel along a ridge and canvas terrain, so the terrain is hard-bottomed and therefore quite easy to hike.

After three kilometers, we take a breathe at the Elijoki shelter. From the shelter, we continue hiking along the ridge and across the marshes towards Kerojärvi and its wilderness hut. On this part of the route, we can admire the beauty of the open fields and rivulets and possibly see cranes, woodcocks and grouse, among others.

On the Kerojärvi hut, we will put up our camp. After that we will have a dinner and sauna. Sauna experience in the middle of nowhere is something that you will never forget!

On the morning, we will continue along the narrow Keroharju and diverges at the bank of Karvastekemäoja. On the way there is also the Kirkonnurkanlampi shelter, where we take a short break before hiking to the end point in Harjulammentie.

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